Real Estate Attorneys

We have a team of the most qualified real estate attorneys in New York working with us. There are often complications between real estate and businesses of various types, which is why you may need representation. Real estate owners, shareholders, tenants, neighbors, businesses, and partners may sometimes find themselves in a dispute. This may have started out as a minor dispute and quickly escalated, especially when money is involved. This may result in destructive and distracting legal battles. Our legal team will deal with your legal issue head-on, providing you with quick relief.

Experience and Results
When you need a real estate law attorney or law firm in New York, you can count on us. Our attorneys have years of experience in real estate transactions and closings.  

There are many issues that should be addressed in the pre-contract, contract, due diligence and closing phases of any transaction. Of course, there are also unplanned issues that may arise in any transaction, and in those circumstances you deserve, and need, an attorney with the experience to resolve those issues quickly. We’re proud of the many years that we have been capable of offering high-quality services to those who have entrusted us.

Who We Represent
Our office represents buyers and sellers of property, including residential properties, houses, coops, condominiums, land and commercial properties.  We represent first time homebuyers, experienced buyers and investors.  We also represent sellers of property, residential and commercial.  Our attorneys are professional and communicative and we handle every real estate transaction as if it were our own.

Resolving Real Estate Property Issue During Closings
A real estate transaction can fall apart at several different points. We are here to assist buyers and sellers in ensuring every possible deal is consummated.  Some issues that may arise are title issues, property condition issues, insurance issues, tax liens and violations.  We are here to assist in ensuring that these stumbling blocks are resolved in a quick and expeditious manner. This is a win-win for all parties involved. 

Why Hire Nassau County Attorneys
Our Nassau Attorneys have the experience and knowledge to assist you during your real estate transaction. We strive, every day, to live up to our reputation by representing you to the best of our ability. When you rely on our attorneys, you can rest assured that you will receive a favorable outcome. We are proud of the work that we do because our clients benefit. Call us to schedule your no-obligation consultation today.