Medical Malpractice

We are here to assist with your medical malpractice case.  Those who work in the medical field are expected to provide a high standard of care. When they don’t live up to these standards then they must be held responsible, especially if a personal injury occurs or worse, death. Medical malpractice is negligence on the part of a medical professional. Unfortunately, things such as wrong prescriptions being prescribed, abuse, radiological and surgical mistakes, and misdiagnosis occur occasionally. When this transpires, an investigation is warranted to determine if negligence or recklessness was a causative factor. Victims of medical malpractice can experience pain and suffering for years. Call on our Nassau attorneys to discuss your case in further detail.

How You Are Affected
Your quality of life may never be the same due to medical malpractice. It may be completely diminished because of the negligence or oversight of a health care professional. Your life, and that of your family’s, might be turned completely upside down. You may no longer be capable of working and supporting your family. This can put undue stress on yours, as you battle to also receive medical attention or receive death benefits. Nothing will be the same. While we are not able to give you the same quality of life before the incident, what we can do is provide you with some form of relief through our efforts.

Most Common Medical Malpractice Claims
If you’re reading this web page then you may be wondering what is considered medical malpractice. Here is a list of some of the most common medical malpractice cases that we handle at Nassau County Attorneys:

  • Birth Injuries – When a birth injury occurs, your child may not have the full physical capacity. We fight for compensation for their long-term care.
  • Surgical Negligence – There are instances when a surgeon leaves something inside of their patients. This happens more times than people know.
  • Radiology Errors – The radiologists may misread a CAT san, X-rays or MRI. This may result in your not being able to receive the necessary care in time to prevent further progression of an ailment.
  • Misdiagnosis – When a doctor fails to properly diagnose your illness, you might have to deal with their oversight. You should not be required to pay for the errors of the physician and you won’t have to if we have anything to do with it.
  • Medication Errors – This can occur by the physician or the pharmacists. We’ll help you go after the party at fault.

Retain a Nassau County Attorney
At our firm, we have helped victims recover millions to compensate them for injuries sustained due to medical malpractice. The damages that they may have incurred include death, physical injuries, disfigurement, mental pain and/or future and existing medical expenses, loss of wages, and more. Allow us to show you why so many clients depend on us following medical malpractice. We’re happy to work with you on a contingency basis if this suits you. Contact us today to consult with us about your case.