Wrongful Death

We know that death is inevitable but it shouldn’t occur at the hands of someone else.  When it does, this is devastating to loved ones. Death can be something hard to comprehend. There is nothing that anyone can say that could bring him or her any real comfort. The family of a victim are simply left with questions.  An attorney can help you receive answer to those questions.  A diligent lawyer will immediately begin an investigation into an accident and demand answers to those questions.  We are here to assist you and your family. Call one of our Nassau attorneys today. 

Peace-of-Mind Is Possible
You’re unlikely to find peace-of-mind when you are dealing with the loss of a loved one. However, it is possible to eventually regain your peace-of-mind once you receive answers to the questions you may have. Our attorneys will thoroughly investigate your case, which will enable them to find answers to your questions and help them build a winning case. Developing a case for wrongful death is very difficult but we assure you that we have experts in the medical field who assist us with our winning cases. We can’t bring back your loved one but we can restore your peace-of-mind and obtain a recovery for family members. 

Know Your Rights
There is a certain time frame that a person has to file a wrongful death claim. Many people don’t know this and they, unfortunately, contact us after the time limit has passed. They may be simply trying to prepare themselves for the process of trying to adjust to a new life before contacting us. We certainly understand the need to do this but you can do this even after contacting us. Contacting us allows us to preserve evidence and safeguard the decedent’s right. We work for the decedent’s heirs and estate and will immediately take steps in that regard. You should have your time to grieve and we’ll give you the time to do that while we proceed with your case.

Professional Representation
It certainly helps to have professional representation when you’re dealing with a wrongful death lawsuit. You can’t trust just anyone who wants to represent you because they may not have a proven track record of winning wrongful death lawsuits. Our Nassau attorneys have a proven track record for winning these types of cases and more. This is why our services are generally preferred as opposed to other law firms in Nassau County, NY.

Why Work With Our Attorneys
Our attorneys are compassionate and understanding. They have every client’s best interest at heart, which is why we treat each case with the professionalism it demands. When something as tragic as the loss of life occurs, the one thing that we know you want is to get through the traumatic experience first. Our attorneys are here to help you and the decedent’s heirs/family proceed accordingly. No person can handle the loss of a loved one without the support of loved ones and professionals. Our office is ready to assist you with the legal aspect.