Automobile and Car Accidents

Those who have been involved in automobile accidents are usually in a state of shock. The accident was likely unexpected and just came out of nowhere. Motor vehicle accidents cause loss of life, daily. It is also something that can be very life-shattering, which is why you should contact an attorney to represent you. We want you to get as much as possible to help with your injuries and to recoup any losses due to the accident. Whether the accident was your fault or not, it’s wise to contact an attorney right away. Rest assured, the other party will do the same.  Do not be surprised if you are served with legal papers in the coming weeks or months after an accident. It helps to have an attorney that you can call on if this should happen. 

Is Insurance Enough
In some cases, your auto insurance isn’t enough. You may avoid contacting an attorney because you don’t believe that they are necessary since your insurance will take care of the matter. Auto insurance policy coverage is limited. There may be a case where the accident victim requires long-term medical care. The applicable insurance may not be adequate. An attorney’s experience is critical to determine the best course of action. 

Why Contact Us Right Away
You may be wondering what the impact will be if the insurance company declines to cover all or part of a claim. Perhaps you want to know exactly who will be legally responsible under those circumstances. When you contact our attorneys immediately following the accident, we can answer these questions and more for you. We have aggressive attorneys who will fight to ensure that you receive the help that you need, as the victim of an auto accident.

Consult Our Attorneys
If you are harmed in an automobile accident, you might feel like there isn’t anything that you can do. You might simply be in crisis mode and want to do whatever you can to put the incident behind you. This is what most would consider wishful thinking since the accident may have long-term repercussions that leave you with a host of questions. Consulting with our seasoned lawyers is sure to give you the guidance you need to move forward. They will set out everything you need to know so that you can begin to protect your rights and secure your case.

Why Rely On Our Team
Our team of attorneys are here to listen and provide you with the answers to the questions you have.  We are prepared to take on your case regardless of the challenges that present themselves along the way. We win cases.  Our team of experienced attorneys are here to help you win your accident case. They know what it takes to success, which is why they are often the first attorneys that many motorists injured in an accident in New York call when they are hurt. Our team of Nassau attorneys are here guide you through the process from beginning to end.